ISO 9001:2008 Company
Management Commiittment
Top Management isf committed to the development and implementation of the QMS and continually improving its effectiveness by:-Conveying and convincing all the people in the organization the Importance of satisfying the needs and expectations of customers and requirements of statutory and regulatory authorities concerned.Framing the Quality Policy communicated to all the Employees.Setting Quality Objective at different levels and for various processes.Performing Management Review to ensure continuing suitability and Effectiveness of the Quality Management System and its continual Improvement.Allocating appropriate resources for implementing Quality Management System and its continual improvement.
What is our Customer Focus ?
The organization has developed a system to assess customer expectations and requirements.  These are determined in terms of specifications and Conditions.  All our efforts are put forth to meet them satisfactorily.  Achieving continual improvement in quality and enhancing customers Satisfaction is our prime concern.
What is our Quality Policy ?

Quality policy of our organisation is established.

(a) Quality policy is suitable to the purpose of our organisation.

(b) Organisation committed to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of QMS.

(c) Quality Policy provides a framework for establishing and reviewing Quality Objectives.

(d) Quality policy is communicated and understood within the organization by Exhibiting the Quality Policy at all key points Explaining to uneducated Employees if any.

(e) Quality Policy is reviewed for it’s continued suitability during management review meetings.

(f) Quality policy is included in MRM one of the agenda points.

What is our Quality organisation Chart ?